Testosterone propionate is not as common among bodybuilders as, for example, all the same testosterone, only enanthate or sustanone. And in vain, in the circles of experienced athletes, he occupies one of the leading places, especially in the period before the competitions. Yes, the drug will not give an opportunity to gain about ten kilograms of muscle mass per month, than, for example, methandrostenolone, but it is great at drying. And if it is used in combination with high-anabolic and low -androgenic drugs, for example Winstrol, it promotes faster collection of dry mass and simultaneously burning of subcutaneous fat.

The positive side of testosterone propionate

Definitely, the drug can be called the cheapest anabolic drug in the domestic market of steroids. You can buy testosterone propionate on average for five dollars per packing, in any online store of steroids and some drugstores. But the cheapness of the drug, in no way affects its quality, which confirms the long-term use of its athletes.

Also one of the significant qualities of a steroid is the speed of action. Once in the body, the medicine immediately begins its work, as evidenced by a sharp rise in testosterone levels in the blood. Such speed of action anabolic is obliged to the propionate entering into its structure, it causes such effect. Due to this, knowledgeable athletes often put the drug at the beginning of the course to “swing” the body, and after that they replace it with heavier steroids, for example, such as retabolil, which is effective, but it starts to work only after two weeks after it was introduced into the body.

Another important feature of testosterone propionate lies in the possibility of its reception before competitions where there is a doping control. And the thing is that Testosterone / Epitestosterone, which is being tested during doping control, is falling, its figure, as a rule, is at the level of “6”, which is an excess of the norm, but is not considered doping.

There was also an observation, for athletes who injected the drug into their lower thighs, less often into the biceps, that with regular use of the steroid, they formed a seal in these muscles and made them visually more massive. It is not a fact that such an indicator has a positive effect on health, but negative aspects were not found, but the visual side of the issue was pleasant.

Testosterone Propionate

What does the product work on?

In addition to the common positive aspects, which, of course, are good, but the great importance for athletes lies in absolutely other of its effects, they include:

  • increase in muscle mass, where without it, as a rule, this is the main criterion and all athletes who take steroids refer to it;
  • burning fat, with significant physical exertion, this process together with testosterone propionate occurs much faster;
  • improving the relief of the body, without it, too, anywhere, along with a set of muscle tissue, the muscles become more expressive;
  • increase in strength and endurance, which is extremely important during the competition or preparation for them, where maximum physical gain is required in training;
  • increased sexual desire, which is most likely to be appreciated by every man;
  • optimization of the cardiovascular system, and therefore, a reduction in the risk of development of ischemia.

What should I fear?

The first disadvantage experienced by an athlete who uses testosterone propionate is the number of injections. The steroid should be pricked every other day, at least 3-4 times a week, which is not very convenient, whereas the majority of anabolic patients have enough of one injection for the same period. On the other hand, this can be experienced, because the main thing is the result. Among the side effects, the drug can not be called flawless and almost harmless to the body, but there is another side of the coin, if not exceed the recommended dose, most of them do not arise. The side effects of propionate are similar to enanthate and cypionate, but are much less common.

There are the following side effects:

  • redness and irritation at the injection site, which is due to the frequency of injections;
  • manifestation on the skin of acne (quite frequent manifestation);
  • baldness on the head and excessive growth of hair on the body;
  • increase in mammary glands by female type;
  • decrease in voice timbre;
  • prostate enlargement;
  • masculinization in women.

Also Testosterone propionate affects the production of your own hormone by the body. Complete recovery of a full testosterone synthesis, after the termination of the steroid course, occurs approximately two to three months later. To accelerate this process, gonadropin is recommended starting from the second week of the course. To prevent the processes of aromatization of the body, it is recommended to stock up with auxiliary medicines, such as clomid or nolvadex.

With adequate doses does not affect the work of the liver and kidneys, which is not unimportant for long courses of steroids.

Course preparation

There are different variations in the use of the drug, one of them is the rate of testosterone propionate solo. In this variant, injectors are recommended to inject a drug every other day at a dosage of 50-100 mg. For more experienced athletes, a steroid can be administered daily in a proportion of 100 mg. for a single injection.

More often athletes resort to a combined course, when once every two days, propionate is administered at a dose of 100 mg., Every other day, Winstrol at 50 mg. and daily Dianobol for 30 mg.

The ideal option for athletes is the use of testosterone propionate in a dose of 100 mg. In a day, 75 mg. Parabolana every other day and daily Winstrol 50 mg. and Oxandrolone 25 mg. This course allows you to keep muscle mass, its elasticity while, through propionate, get rid of excess water.

In any case, it is recommended to administer anabolic in small doses, but more often, at least three times a week. Than, for example, a single dose, but with the maximum number of milligrams, which as a result leads to a favorable environment for the development of side effects. But there are cases when athletes before the championship, took a large, one-time dose of testosterone to reach the maximum level of androgens in the blood, to set a record in the competition. But such cunning is possible only in those places where there is no doping control, otherwise, such an experiment threatens with disqualification.

Women also resort to the use of propionate, they should be more careful to avoid manifestations of masculinization. To avoid negative consequences, longer intervals between injections should be made, in order to reduce testosterone levels in the female body. The optimal interval is about five days between the administration of the drug, with a dosage of 25-50 mg. for one shot, while women can achieve excellent results. The scheme should not exceed 8-10 weeks, if an additional intake of anabolics is required, it is better to use other, easier anabolic drugs, such as Durabolin or Primobolan.

Steroid profile

The anabolic and androgenic activity of the drug is high, equal to 100% of testosterone. The aromatization is also high, so additional use of antiestrogenic drugs is required to minimize the negative manifestations of estrogenic activity. Toxicity to the liver is absent, since the drug is injected, thereby avoiding internal organs, and immediately enters the blood. The duration of action is short, is 2-3 days, due to which frequent injections of the steroid are required. Detection of the drug in the blood is about a month.

Testosterone propionate is more positive. According to the data of the sportsmen surveyed, previously taking the drug, 90% of the respondents expressed a general positive opinion.

Which of the anabolic steroids to choose for their course, will this testosterone propionate or enanthate, sustanon, or maybe the technique will be complex with another type of anabolic. All these questions must be discussed with a qualified expert in advance, only in his competence, it is true, to choose the course that is right for you. And, most importantly, do not forget about the recommended doses, as a rule, it is the aspiration of athletes to more rapid achievement of results pushes to the unregulated methods of steroids, which ultimately leads to serious consequences.

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