Drostanolone propionate  is a steroid hormone that is actively used as a sports dope. Its effectiveness is often compared with methenolone, although steroids are inherently different.

Drostanolone propionate   (dromostanolone, – alternative name) as a derivative of dihydrotestosterone is characterized by: high androgenic and moderate anabolic activity (in comparison with testosterone); absence of aromatization (conversion into estrogens) and the presence of antiestrogenic properties (similar to aromatase inhibitors).

Description Drostananolone propionate

Among the amateurs and professionals of sports the fastest steroid esters, namely dropostanolone propionate and dipropionate, differ from the slow forms (see drostanolone enanthate) not so much by the final effect as by the duration of the activity: the half-life of short propionate and dipropionate ≈ 2-3 days , extended enanthate ≈ 5-7 days.

As a sports dope, drastanolone preparations have become widespread due to the positive ratio of effectiveness and harmlessness. Without estrogenic or progestagenic properties, they contribute to the qualitative growth of muscles without unnecessary water retention and fat accumulation, and also stimulate an increase in the strength and endurance of the wearer.

In connection with the specific effects in bodybuilding, drostanolone is connected primarily to drying courses, when the main goal of athletes is the construction of dense and relief musculature, and not its maximum increase. On power and mass-selection courses of sportsmen it is also relevant, but it is used situatively: for example, to increase the power potential without increasing the body weight, so as not to move into a heavier weight category; or to preserve the results after powerful anabolic-androgenic steroids, like testosterone, methandienone and oxymetholone.

The side effects of the masteron, though rare, while following the recommendations, are not completely excluded. First and foremost likely are androgen-dependent complications (acne, aggression, decreased libido, coarsening of the voice, alopecia and others), which is why the steroid is recommended only to men: for women is fraught with the manifestation of virilization, a symptomatic complex of masculinization of the body.

Course Drostananolone propionate (Masteron)

Reviews in the network describe the fast-acting dropanolone propionate or dipropionate (Masteron, Mastabol, Mastaghed and other trademarks) predominantly positively: as an androgenic steroid, which is actual for virtually any physical sport, from power to athletics.

The average dosage recommended by athletes to drostanolone does not exceed 100-150 mg with a periodicity of application every 2-3 days. The total weekly dose can reach up to 300-500 mg per week, and more, as a rule, is not injected because of the risk of side effects (threatening development of overcoming consequences).

For optimal progress in sporting purposes, it is preferable not to abuse, but combined use of drostanolone: with testosterone, methenolone, boldenone, stanozolol or other popular in sports analog. As a doping drug, it is effectively combined with a variety of sports pharmacology, which is widely used by domestic and foreign athletes.

Examples of combined masteron courses

For a set of dry muscle mass, a novice athlete – drostanolone propionate or dipropionate + testosterone propionate. This is a 6-week steroid course at doses of both substances of 100 mg every other day. Injections are recommended to be planted on different days of the week: for example, testosterone is connected from Monday, and drostanolone from Tuesday; – or you can mix in one syringe. Drostanolone Propionate (Masterone)

For a set of dry muscle mass, an experienced athlete – drostanolone propionate or dipropionate + testosterone propionate or phenylpropionate + oxandrolone. The duration of this course can be up to 6-8 weeks, and doses up to 150 mg / day of drostanolone, 150 mg / day of testosterone and 80 mg / day of oxandrolone. Optimal quantities are selected only individually, otherwise they can be excessive or vice versa, which in both cases is unacceptable!

How does Masteron work?

Drostanolone propionate acts as follows:

  • Reduces fat deposits. Studies have shown that if you follow a diet, then with this drug can reduce the mass of fat cells to 7%. Of great importance are the initial indicators of the athlete, but the effective stimulation of the use of fat cells as an energy source is undeniable.
  • Increases muscle density and their relief. Improves the definition of muscles, this is the main reason for using the drug bodybuilders at the end of the preparatory period before the competition.
  • Increases the strength.
  • Has anti-catabolic effect on the body.
  • Retains the typed weight.
  • Causes a small diuretmic result.

How to use this tool?

The Masteron course is mainly used by athletes to consolidate the achieved result. The optimal dose is 400 to 500 milligrams for 7 days. The injectable form of the drug is administered 3-4 times per week. The course of the course and dose are selected taking into account the physiology of a particular athlete, his experience with the use of steroid anabolic and androgens, goals and other factors. Before you start using Mastebolin, you should get advice from a sports doctor.

Is it possible to use this drug in conjunction with other androgenic and anabolic steroids? Yes, Drostanolone propionate can be consumed with Oxandrolone and Winstrol. And Winstrol reduces globulin, because of this, a good synergetic result is obtained when “drying”. When the athlete needs to gain muscle mass, it is better to take Mastebolin, combining it with Testosterone. However, then it is necessary to supplement the course with gonadotropin, since the production of endogenous testosterone is much reduced.

Drostananolone propionate: reviews

According to the reviews left on  Masteron , the athletes are quite satisfied with the results (90%), because the muscles are not only beautiful, but also dense, without excess fluid, which allows you to save the collected indicators for a long time. Fat burning effect Masteron, according to reviews, is also quite good, although the injections themselves are quite painless (as 86% of respondents say). But most of all, of course, the weak retracement phenomenon (83% left on Masteron reviews) is most valued, allowing not to part with the typed characteristics, barely having completed the course of the drug.

Where to buy Masteron at a bargain price

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