Oxandrolone does not aromatize and contributes to the improvement of hardness and muscle quality. Another advantage is that it stimulates, like no other anabolic steroid, synthesis of creatinine phosphate, which results in a large increase in strength, and we can increase it even by regular consumption of red meat or adding to the cycle of creatine monohydrate. The best seen during the diet is that with the help of Oxandrolone we maintain a high level of strength, which is the absolute foundation for the preservation of the acquired muscle mass. Some bodybuilders take Oxandrolone in combination with other steroids to gain muscle with high hardness. Anavar is very popular in cycles with other steroids, where its effect on muscle endurance and recovery has also been noticed.

Anavar or popularly called Oxa is often considered a weak steroid. One of the reasons is that using only oxy is never as effective. The second reason is that bodybuilders and sportsmen of other disciplines, sometimes quite unfortunate and do not justify comparisons when assessing anabolic steroids. If they say, for example, 8 pills a day is not enough, then the use of oxy is useless or weak according to them. And traditionally, oxandrolone was available in 2.5 mg Anavar tablets, proving only 20 mg per day with this practice, which is a total of only 140 mg / week. For comparison, at this dose, testosterone also gives small results. Indeed, several anabolic steroids give dramatic results at this dose, but they are not called weak. The right conclusion is

Because higher doses of Anavar in tablets are already available, for example, through the company Euro-Pharmacies, the reputation of Oxandrolone has improved.

Pharmacologically, it was found that oxandrolone binds weakly to the androgen receptor. This seems to contradict the specification of this product, but what has been stated. It may be that what appears in the body is not the same as it occurs in in vitro studies, or maybe it exists in another interesting occurring phenomenon.

Oxandrolone – for whom it is intended and what are the benefits of its use

Oxandrolone , (C19H30O3) most commonly found under the Anavar brand, is a popular anabolic-androgenic steroid. It is used orally, it is available in the form of tablets. Its popularity is due to the fact that it is considered a safe measure, and also very effective, giving permanent results. Is it the best way to gradually, but sustainably increase muscle mass and increase strength? Is it worth trying and putting it on the cycle? What can be the real benefits of using oxandrolone? These questions will be answered in the following article.

What is oxandrolone?

In terms of the composition and type of active substances oxandrolone is a modified DHT, it is included in the group of qualitative SAAs. If oxandrolone is used, the effects you can expect are not large but very good weight gains. Oxandrolone does not retain water in the body, its effect is mild. This is not the measure indicated, if we want to build mass quickly, but it gives very good results when it comes to strength gain. Oxandrolone has been known since the 1960s, and since 1995 it has been manufactured by Bio-Technology General Corp.

Oxandrolone is also used in traditional medicine. It is used, inter alia, to treat the symptoms of Turner syndrome, in the alternative to AIDS therapy, in growth disorders, especially in boys during puberty, in the treatment of burns, after corticosteroid therapy. It also has the properties to alleviate bone pain, it is used in deprived people and after operations or injuries.

Oxandrolone dosage

Oxandrolone comes in the form of tablets of 2.5 mg, 5 mg or 10 mg. For adults using oxandrolone, the dosage is 2.5 to 20 mg daily. For teenagers, the recommended doses are lower. However, these are doses used in medicine. In the case of doping doses, according to some sources, it is proposed to use for men from 40 to 100 mg per day, and for women who can also safely use this measure – 10-25 mg per day. You can also find a dosage proposal of 30-60 mg per day for men and 5-15 mg for women. It is best to take oxandrolone in the morning, thus providing the body with optimal levels of androgens throughout the day.

Oxandrolone side effects

Oxandrolone can be used even for a long time. In 2012, studies were published during which a group of people took oxandrolone for 12 months. Selected subjects were administered twice daily with 0.1 mg of the agent for each kilogram of body weight. During observational studies, the subjects were subjected to body mass, muscle strength, REE – resting energy expenditure and bone mineral content (BMC) and heart rate. In patients taking oxyndrolone and additionally exercising, the resting energy expenditure as well as the arterial pressure decreased. Muscle mass and strength have also been increased. During the therapy no side effects were observed, even with long-term use.

In the case of using oxydrolone as doping, the doses are higher than those used in medicine. It is generally accepted that oxandrolone side effects are minor. Its action is gentle and relatively safe. However, you should be careful when using higher doses. Oxandrolone (Anavar)

It is true that oxandrolone is definitely less harmful for the liver than other steroids, like metanabol or winstrol. Nevertheless, when using high doses, each agent may cause side effects and be used to excessively harm. In the case of the use of long-term high doses of oxandrolone, an increase in the liver ALAT / ASPAT index can be observed. In the case of short-term use indicators increased slightly. Compared to fluoxymesterone, oxandrolone produces much lower effects in terms of BSP retention, so it is one of the safer measures in its group.

Oxandrolone does not convert to estrogens, therefore it should be considered for joint injuries when using it. The risk of injury increases when combining oxandrolone with winstrol. Oxandrolone has a beneficial effect on strength growth, which additionally contributes to joint overloading and injury. It can also reduce the production of endogenous testosterone. A reduction in voice was observed in women using oxandrolone.

Contraindications to the use of oxandrolone are tumors, primarily prostate and breast, pregnancy, hypercalcemia and kidney disease.

Effects of using oxandrolone

Oxandrolone is a gentle agent. It is recommended for both men and women. There are no contraindications for beginners to use it. In the case of muscle mass growth oxyndrolone does not give spectacular effects, but they are permanent, which is a big advantage. It is often combined with other agents such as testosterone, masteron, primobolan or phentermine.

Oxandrolom has much stronger anabolic and androgenic effects. It is characterized and distinguished by its unique ability to improve the synthesis of phosphocreatine in muscle cells. Thanks to this, it significantly accelerates muscle regeneration and increases ATP in the body. There is also a positive effect of oxandrolone on the protein synthesis process.

Oxandrolone also helps to burn body fat during exercise. Here, the observed effects are also permanent, it is recommended not only to strengthen strength and mass, but also to reduce the amount of fat, especially from the torso, abdominal area and hips. The beneficial effect on the acceleration of fat burning was observed in both women and men. It is recommended during the reduction period because it effectively and permanently reduces the amount of muscle tissue.

An important advantage of using oxandrolone is a rapid and noticeable increase in strength. The effects are visible quickly, but it must be remembered that the load should be increased gradually, so that no harmful and long-healing joint injuries occur. This is because oxandrolone accelerates the synthesis of creatinine phosphate. It is a rare and at the same time very valuable feature of this agent. The increase in strength has a direct impact on the growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Due to this property, it is often used before competitions where good condition and hardness of the muscle are desired. Increasing the strength also positively affects the quality of the muscles being built.

Oxandrolone is a relatively expensive medium. If you plan to buy oxandrolone, the price for 20 tablets of 10 mg is 50 PLN. You should also watch out for counterfeits that may be harmful and contain completely different substances, for example methanabol.

Oxandrolone is a relatively mild and effective agent. It can be used by both men and women. It positively influences the increase of strength and loss of adipose tissue. Gradually, but permanently increases muscle mass. At higher doses, it should not be used for more than a few weeks in a row. Used in cycles between other steroids, it positively affects the maintenance of muscle mass, endurance and muscle regeneration.

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