Sexual health is a condition in which a person has the opportunity to experience sexual desire and realize it, while receiving satisfaction.

With all forms of obesity, there are varying degrees of hypothalamic disorders, arising either primarily or in the process of developing obesity. One consequence of this is a change in the secretion of sex and other hormones. Changing the appearance and physical condition of people with excess weight leads to a number of psycho-emotional problems. One of the leading places is the violation of the sexual functions. Among obese people, there is often a decrease in sexual activity, which is rarely caused by a decrease in libido, but is more associated with psychoemotional factors.

It has been proved that the continuation of active sexual life is an important factor in weight loss and restoration of psychoemotional disorders in obese people. Sexual activity gives not only additional physical activity, improves the emotional state, but also normalizes the hormonal background. The more often ejaculation in men, the more testosterone is produced. However, given the emotional characteristics of people with excess weight, in order for them to want to have sex, additional artificial stimulation (erotic films, aphrodisiacs, vibrators and other auxiliary means for sex) is necessary.

Sexual Health

Sport and potency are interrelated concepts, but there is a widespread belief that bodybuilding leads to serious problems with erection, until its complete disappearance. However, the question is not solved so unambiguously. Bodybuilding, like most sports, can have a positive impact on men's health. First of all, you need to clarify that there are two types of bodybuilding: natural and unnatural. The difference is that in the first case the bodybuilder does not use any steroids and other artificial additives to food. As a rule, men are engaged in “bodybuilding” for themselves, and not for participation in competitions.

Positive influence on the body

Positive influence on the body is provided only by natural bodybuilding. Like most active sports, weight training activates the cardiovascular system, has a general healing effect, and also activates the secretion of testosterone, which is responsible for the sexual power of men. During training, the level of this hormone increases several times and comes back to normal gradually, within a few hours. It is an increased level of testosterone and is the cause of increased libido after class. You can identify several elements of the training complex, which directly affect the potency. These are forward and side attacks, sit-ups with a barbell and bench presses on a special simulator. These exercises increase the flow of blood to the pelvic organs, which is necessary for the prevention and treatment of impotence, as well as many other diseases.

Psychological aspect . Do not underestimate the psychological factor. The result of the lesson is a beautiful and muscular body that attracts the attention of the opposite sex and enhances the self-esteem of a man. So, many complexes and psychological problems leave, which very often become the causes of problems with erection.

The negative influence of bodybuilding

The negative influence of bodybuilding on men's health has two causes.

Excessive loads

Harm to health can cause and natural bodybuilding. This happens if a man chooses an intensive training program with serious stresses. As a rule, this problem occurs in the environment of professional bodybuilders. With excessive loads, testosterone levels fall, the body experiences constant fatigue and stress. Normal work of the reproductive system, as a rule, is restored after a break in classes. Sometimes it is required to consult a specialist and undergo treatment for premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or other.

Reception of steroids

Unnatural bodybuilding is accompanied by the use of steroids, which include synthetic testosterone, which is necessary for rapid growth of muscle mass. With prolonged intake of drugs, the body decides that it receives enough testosterone from the outside and reduces its secretion, and then completely ceases to produce it. As a result, there are problems with erection and the need to use drugs to improve potency.

Sexually healthy person:

  • Positively relates to sexuality and sexual relations;
  • has the opportunity to lead a safe, satisfying, sex life that lacks elements of violence, discrimination or coercion.

According to WHO, the components of sexual health are:

  • ability, within the framework of personal and social ethics, to enjoy and control sexual and childbearing behavior;
  • lack of feelings of guilt, shame, fear, false ideas and other psychological factors that can cause a violation of sexual relationships and suppress sexual reaction;
  • the possibility of free realization of sexual and genital functions in the absence of any diseases, deficiencies or organic disorders.

Health – one of the basic conditions of human happiness and peace of mind. It is on its basis that you can build harmonious relationships and reach career heights.

People are increasingly beginning to pay attention to their health, including his sexual component. After all, full sex contributes to the normal functioning of the body, optimizes the psychoemotional sphere, makes the person in demand and self-confident, thereby enhancing the quality of human life.

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