Clomiphene citrate (clomid) is a synthetic non-steroid drug, reminiscent of the structure of estrogen. It is widely used as an ovulatory stimulant. Having a similarity to estrogen, it can bind to estrogen receptors in the hypothalamus. This prevents the hypothalamus from determining “real” estrogen, and the hypothalamus, in turn, causes the pituitary gland to secrete more gonadotropins, such as FSH and LH. FSH and LH stimulate the ovaries, the testes produce more estrogen in women or testosterone in men.

This property of clomiphene is widely used in the treatment of women with premature ovarian failure and for the induction of ovulation. However, long-term use of this drug is unsafe, since it increases the risk of developing ovarian cancer.

Clomid (Clomifene Citrate)

Description Clomid and its use in bodybuilding

This is a preparation of synthetic origin, containing clomiphene citrate. The main mechanism of the drug is to block the receptors of estrogens in the cells, while not affecting the process of formation of estrogens in the body. Clomed from Balkan Pharmaceuticals and its analogues Nolvadex and Proviron are designed to stop the action of estrogens and to increase the production of testosterone.

For athletes taking anabolic steroids, after their course, there is always the problem of suppressed secretion of testosterone. If it is not restored, the active role is played by the hormone cortisol, under the influence of which catabolic processes develop. And this means that all the typed muscle mass can easily go away, the so-called “recoil phenomenon” will occur.

Using the same drug Clomid after the course of steroids stimulates the chain of the hypothalamus-pituitary-testicles, actively strengthening the synthesis of luteinizing and follicle-stimulating hormones, which in turn contribute to the secretion of testosterone and increase it. Therefore, Clomed is used not only as an anti-estrogen on a course of aromatizing steroids, but as a mandatory preparation of post-course therapy for any course of anabolics.

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Pharmacological action of the substance and its cost, relatively affordable, make it popular in many sports. First of all, it is, of course, bodybuilding, powerlifting and various types of light and heavy athletics.


Clomid is recommended for the treatment of women with ovarian dysfunction. Many women who can not get pregnant, ovulation is disturbed. Among patients with ovulation problems, patients with polycystic ovary syndrome and patients with unknown causes of amenorrhea are distinguished. Clomid is prescribed only after a full study of the menstrual cycle and determine the cause of the disorder.

When treating clomid, the time of reception plays a big role. To determine ovulation, the blood is examined and the body temperature is checked. If the fact of ovulation is established, the clomid begins. As a rule, clomid is prescribed on the fifth day of the cycle. Usually clomid is taken within 3-6 cycles. Prolonged treatment with the drug is not recommended.

Clomid and its effect

The active substance of this drug, clomiphene citrate, is a synthetic estrogen, surprisingly, with obvious antagonistic properties. Those. it is characterized by anti-estrogenic activity (selectively binds to estrogen receptors, does not suppress aromatization and estrogen formation processes). Its action promotes the secretion of gonadotropins, thus, the level of testosterone rises. Androgenic or anabolic activity does not show clomiphene.

To summarize, Clomid is endowed with a number of advantages that make it an excellent tool for use during post-course therapy and, in general, a useful drug in bodybuilding / sports practice and medicine:

• First, the drug has anti-estrogenic properties – it is able to selectively bind the receptors of estrogens, without affecting the process of aromatization itself;
• Secondly, it has the ability to stimulate the secretion of gonadotropins – increases the level of LH and FSH, eventually increasing the level of endogenous testosterone.

Can Clomid tablets have any side effect? This is unlikely, in other words, with moderate / recommended dosages, the drug is unlikely to have a negative effect. However, in some cases, some deviations can still make themselves felt. In particular, there is a possibility of occurrence of such ailments as: hot flushes and headaches, bouts of nausea, weakness or dizziness.

Side effects the same, possible due to taking steroids, Clomid preparation is able to prevent / eliminate in

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