Post cycle therapy is positioned as a complex of various sports supplements, drugs used in bodybuilding, other power sports. Topical is the Post cycle therapy of steroids if it is necessary to minimize individual side effects, possible complications that occur after the cycle of using steroid-type hormones, as well as prohormones. Especially well recommended is such therapy after using previously large doses of hormones, as well as taking two or more drugs of an anabolic nature.

Admission of anabolic steroids gives an intensive increase in muscle mass, significantly increases strength and endurance. But all athletes who use anabolics know about the side effects that may occur during and after the course of AS. It is important to know that most side reactions can not be prevented by preventing them. It is important to know that beginners to appear side effects are reversible, – the main thing is to be able to fight them. It is necessary to formulate your course competently, choosing the right drugs, determining effective and at the same time the safest dosages, having compiled the necessary course duration and Post cycle therapy plan.

Post Cycle Therapy

Observing simple recommendations, you will significantly improve the effectiveness of the course, retaining for a long time the strength results and muscular mass gained.

Post cycle therapy is a very important stage of the course, the observance of the rules of which determines the amount of mass stored after the course. During the course of steroids, the amount of endogenous testosterone is steadily decreasing, but on the farm the athlete does not notice this, due to the high level of anabolic hormones in the blood.

Post cycle therapy restoration is absolutely necessary, especially in cases where a combined course is used. When using two or more drugs, your own testosterone drops even more. It is very important to understand that the collected mass can only be kept by a high level of its own testosterone, otherwise the results will be unstable and the phenomenon of rollback is unacceptably high.

Preparations after the course include anti-estrogens and cortisol blockers in the majority of cases, as well as chorionic gonadotropin, cortisol blockers, testosterone boosters, hepatoprotectors, and omega-3. Post cycle therapy is a very important component of any course of anabolic steroids: it prevents gynecomastia, development of testicular atrophy, oligospermia, restores the natural hormonal background, helps maintain the recruited mass. Below we will consider the main drugs of PCT.

Anti-estrogen preparations

Antiestrogens are needed both on the course and during recovery after it. Proviron is needed during the course of flavoring drugs such as testosterones, sustanone, anapolone and methandrostenolone, to prevent gynecomastia, high blood pressure, accumulation of excess fluid and also to increase the effectiveness of the course.

There are 2 kinds of anti-estrogens: aromatase inhibitors (Proviron, Anastrozole, etc.), estrogen receptor blockers (Tamoxifen, Clomid, etc.).

Aromatase inhibitors are taken during the course: they block estrogenic side reactions. Estrogen receptor blockers are applied after the course is completed, for 3-5 weeks, restoring the secretion of endogenous testosterone.

Cortisol blockers

Cortisol blockers (clenbuterol) are needed to reduce elevated cortisol levels.

Cortisol is the muscle-destroying agent of muscle number 1. The level of it increases dramatically when a person experiences stress (starvation, emotional excitement, training, etc.). The main effects of cortisol are the destruction of muscle fibers, increased blood glucose, increased appetite, fat accumulation, increased pressure. Therefore, in bodybuilding, the stress hormone cortisol is often an obstacle to good results.

Cortisol blockers are drugs that reduce the secretion of the hormone cortisol, inhibit catabolism and preserve the muscles. These drugs are used to protect muscle fibers from destruction after an anabolic course, while working on relief and burning fat. Admission should start at the end of the course of steroids and continue for three to four weeks.

One of the most effective anti-catabolic drugs is Clenbuterol. It not only has an active anti-catabolic effect, but also burns fat, reduces appetite, has the effect of psychic activation. The most effective in combination with Ketotifen to prevent the adaptation of receptors. Ketotifen restores the sensitivity of beta-adrenoreceptors of the second type, and also eliminates such possible reactions from Clenbuterol as palpitations, tremors, increased sweating.

After the course, the level of cortisol can be 100 times higher than normal, so the inclusion of clenbuterol in PCT is justified and absolutely necessary. With its help, you save the recruited mass much better, besides clenbuterol has a powerful fat burning effect, along with pronounced anti-catabolic properties.

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