In our section “Oral steroids” you will find a whole range of products and brands, which we carefully selected for you. Steroids in tablets are easier to use than injectable steroids; they are especially appreciated by athletes during the first courses of use. The anabolic effect of oral steroids is manifested in an increase in the number of cells. This feature will help develop muscle volume, strength and not only. The entire metabolic process will be able to adapt to this new function: an increase in the level of growth, an increase in bone recovery, the production of red blood cells, appetite and libido.

A large number of athletes use oral steroids in their anabolic cycles, but few of them know what happens to the oral steroid in the body. It is clear that the most important thing in the application of anabolics is the result. For this reason, the myth arose that the more Oral anabolic steroids were used , the greater the effect could be achieved. But this is not so. Someone actually achieves excellent results, while others do not get anything. This article is intended to tell you what the impact of oral medications may be insignificant or opposite strong.

Biochemical mechanism

Most Oral steroids affect the body at the cellular level. Any cellular structure (core, shell and protoplasm) consists of molecules. Preparations, acting on cellular substances, introduce a certain change in their chemical structure. As a result, cells that have been exposed to medications for a certain period of time function in a different mode, in comparison with those not attacked.

All the changes that have occurred are transmitted along the chain to the organs and then to the body as a whole. Of course, in practice everything is much more complicated, but there is no sense to go into the detailed medical description of the whole mechanism. It is important for us to understand what happens with oral steroids in the body.

oral steroids

All the chemical processes taking place in the body are subject to strict laws, one of which is this: the greater the concentration of the substance, the faster the chemical reaction will proceed. The second law, no less important than the first, reads as follows: two substances will interact only in certain proportions. Perhaps the most important indicator is the level of concentration of the drug in the tissue or organ, where it should work.

Thanks to him you can determine when, at what time and in what quantity it is necessary to use this or that drug. However, it should be remembered that a high level of drug content can be achieved not only due to high dosage. A significantly greater influence on the index is the rate of absorption of the drug and the removal of its products from the body.

The code of the drug is in the body, its level is rapidly increasing and after reaching the peak begins to decline. When the concentration does not reach the effective, the necessary result will not be achieved. At the same time, a high dose can be dangerous, and as a consequence there will be side effects.

There is a medical term – “the therapeutic breadth of action”, which reflects all the existing differences between the effective dose and the dangerous. Often, even experienced physicians can with great difficulty choose the optimal dosage of a particular remedy. It is also important to remember that due to the individual characteristics of the body, the impact on him of even the safest drug can be unpredictable.

Obstacles to oral steroids

Talking about what happens to Oral steroids in the body, it is necessary to note those barriers that can occur on the way of the drug to achieve the effect. Until the remedy is in the target organ or tissue, it reaches an effective concentration and begins to work, it must overcome several obstacles.

The first of them is the need to get into the blood. Then you need to get to the tissues themselves through the walls of the blood vessels and after that already be in the cell itself, passing the intercellular substance. It is already clear that the drug is waiting for a difficult path.

But in doing so he must avoid meeting with molecules of all possible protein compounds, leukocytes and red blood cells, which are able to bind the molecules of the drug, hindering the fulfillment of his mission. Also dangerous for the medication and various enzymes, synthesized by the body, designed to destroy foreign substances.

Based on all the above, we can state that the most effective way of injecting the drug are injections. With their help, the product quickly enters the bloodstream and begins to work afterwards. However, today the conversation will be about what happens with oral steroids in the body and, consequently, about the tablet preparations.

Oral steroids and stomach

Once in the acorn, Oral steroids swell (to speed up this process and it is recommended to drink all medications with water), then falls apart and dissolves. The active substance separates from the base. Some substances get into the blood already in the stomach, but most of it should go to the intestines.

It should be noted that many drugs have a weak solubility, and this property should be strengthened even at the stage of drug creation. Also, rapid dissolution of the drug is prevented by poor permeability to the tablet of gastric and intestinal juices. This is helped by water.

The stomach is the first organ where the digestion of food takes place, which in relation to tablets means destruction. When taking the product at the same time as food, the process of destroying the tablet is significantly slowed down.

What happens in the liver and blood

After passage of the GIT, the drug enters the bloodstream. The rate of absorption and completeness of this process are the determining factors in the concentration of the drug in the blood. The rate of absorption depends directly on the area, but which this process occurs. Since this index is significantly higher in the intestine, it is considered to be the most effective from this point of view.

Once in the bloodstream, the active substances enter the liver, which is the strongest obstacle to effective action on the body. The liver is designed to combat foreign chemical compounds and does not make exceptions for medications. In this organ, the destruction and subsequent absorption of all chemical elements occurs. Thus, that body, which is designed to protect the body from toxins, is also a powerful obstacle in drug therapy.

Distribution and deduction

Blood flow carries active substances throughout the body. However, do not think that each body will receive the same portion of the medicine. In practice, this is not so. The highest concentration is achieved in the liver and kidneys.

While the drug is moving towards the target organ, it can change its structure under the influence of attacks of various enzymes. But when all the active substances fall into the organ they need and perform their task, they must then be removed from the body. The most active in this are the kidneys.

Thus, having considered the question of what happens to Oral steroids in the body, we can state the following: the principle “took a steroid – it worked” is not appropriate here. It all depends on the characteristics of the body. And the same dosage of anabolic, which had an excellent effect on your friend, can not give you anything. All dosages should be selected individually, taking into account the maximum allowable values to protect themselves from possible side effects.

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