UK Steroids market research – from A to Z where to buy steroids in UK

British are increasingly becoming a nation of steroids junkies, a trend reflected in the GBP 1 billion market for anabolic steroids products where bodybuidling freaks chomping through steroids pills and injectable anabolics have made the UK the world leader in per capita consumption.

Anabolic steroids brands have the potential for tremendous growth if they can encourage mass consumption by widening the appeal of their products. However, the group says they risk losing their loyal core customer base if they over-market their products. Although there is great potential for steroids (like oxymetholone or eutropin) to break into the mainstream in UK, online steroids store that want to grow their customer base and protect their existing business must ensure that they tailor their marketing to specific groups of consumers.

UK steroids market is dwarfed by the United States where those pumping iron and idolising Arnold Schwarzenegger have helped to fuel a market worth almost $6 billion.  The fastest-growing segment has been Testosterone – 20 per cent per annum in a market worth GBP 200 million – while oral steroids like Anadrol for sale, Dianabol UK, Anavar for sale in UK, Winstrol in UK (aka Stanozolol) and others have been increasing annual sales by 15 per cent in a market worth 200 million pounds.

The most popular choices  – how people get steroids in UK

Britains are among the largest consumers of sports nutrition products, vitamins and dietary supplements in the world on a per capita basis. And no wonder lots of sportsmen decide to try to use safe steroids cycles in their workout programs (beginners and advanced). There are three main sub-categories in the anabolic steroids segment: bulking, cutting and post cycle therapy (PCT).

Given the high number of obese and overweight Britains, the consumption of products for weight loss and fat burn has a very high popularity not only among bodybuilders but across all other social segments like women after giving birth for example (Clenbuterol, T3, Ephedrine and off course Phentermine).

Online stores and regular gyms are responsible for a large proportion of sales in steroids in Great Britain; so much so that these channels are the primary battlefields for brands and the major influence on the category’s competitive landscape. Many of the major players in sports nutrition in UK are importers of US and European brands, which are then distributed through these two channels.

Steroids online in UK – leading sites and brands

The number of UK citizens playing sport and participating in physical exercise continues to increase, with the latest data revealing that some 36 million Britains engage regularly in a physical activity. According to industry sources, there were 4.5 million Britains registered as members of the sports club and regularly playing organised sport in 2013, one million more than in 1993. Football remains the most played sport in Britains, followed by volleyball, basketball, tennis, fishing/underwater diving, athletics and swimming.

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